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  1. ScriptJunkie

    BuildV2 Updated to 1.16.2!

    BuildV2 now on 1.16.2! Please let us know of any issues using /ticket (reason for ticket) in game Some restrictions also removed and worldedit changed for a more stable one.
  2. ScriptJunkie


    Hi my name is ScriptJunkie. I am a developer / systems admin and love minecraft! I am not sure there is much else to say :D
  3. ScriptJunkie

    Support for 1.16.2

    Added connection support for 1.16.2. Should be good now.
  4. ScriptJunkie

    Its raining men!

    1595965612 First to find steve wins
  5. ScriptJunkie

    Guide Creative Server Command Reference

    /plot - Default plot command to see a list of EX: /plot available commands. EX: /plot /plot auto - Auto create a new plot if you EX: /plot auto dont already own one. EX: /plot auto /plot home - Teleport to your home plot if EX: /plot home you have one. EX: /plot home /plot visit playername -...
  6. ScriptJunkie

    Info Monitoring and Safety

    We use a custom plugin called NetSync to protect players from cussing and being abusive on the server. This plugin is completely developed by Towncraft Developers and is the core of all of our servers. NetSync monitors the following in game: Chat - Monitors global, msg and all custom chat...
  7. ScriptJunkie

    Guide Global Command Reference

    /tc - Towncraft command for general information. EX: /tc /tc rules - Towncrafts Rules EX: /tc rules /tc colors - Color examples available to chat and nicks. EX: /tc colors /msg {playername} - Message another player EX: /msg {playername} across the network. /r msg - Reply to the last player that...
  8. ScriptJunkie

    Guide MCMMO Overview

    MCMMO is a skill based addon that allows you to enhance certain tasks. Some tasks include Fishing, Mining, Herbalism, Repair and Acrobatics. To list all do /mcstats Abilities are granted per task like the ability to mine faster by enabling GigaDrill ability. To enable these abilities you can...
  9. ScriptJunkie

    Guide MondoChest Overview

    Mondo Chests are used to create simplified sorting for your items. The main thing is to create a master and child chests that the items sort from and to. Creating your first Mondo Chest setup: Create a chest and place a sign above it with the following on the first line: [mondochest] Create...
  10. ScriptJunkie

    Guide Server Economy And Obtaining In-game Currency

    Basic Commands: /bal - Check your balance on current server. EX: /bal /baltop - See whose got the most moolah. EX: /baltop /pay {playername} amount - Ability to pay other players EX: /pay {playername} 500 /worth - While holding an item you can check the price EX: /worth the server will buy it...
  11. ScriptJunkie

    SkyR gets another update!

    Please note the following changes on SkyR: - Added the ability to use /rdtoggle. This will disable drops until you toggle it back on. - Added a message showing what block was received that should show just above the enchanting levels. - Patched the blacklist to remove unwanted blocks from being...
  12. ScriptJunkie

    TCR Map Avilable (again)

    After some movement with servers and configuration we have finally got the map up and live again. Sorry for the downtime on it! Please make note of the island world and which island you want to purchase and contact staff. They will help assign it to you and secure it for you. All prices are...
  13. ScriptJunkie

    SkyR gets an update!

    As we finish some updates to the 1.16 migration we have also added some cool things to SkyR! You can now use command /ccg to get access to custom ore generator. Buy upgrades and get better loot from your cobble gen like iron, diamond and other useful materials. To upgrade your generator you use...
  14. ScriptJunkie

    TCR upgrade to 1.16!

    Thank you to all for your patience as we converted the entire world over to 1.16. This was a long 15 hour process and testing. With your patience our staff was able to get it done as fast as possible! Thanks to all who helped and hope everyone enjoys the exciting Nether update in 1.16! We also...
  15. ScriptJunkie

    Forums and Theme Update!

    Woot got it done! Thought it was be a few more days but we worked through the issues. Enjoy all!
  16. ScriptJunkie


    Welcome to the new forums. Hope everyone enjoys. PS: First :D
  17. ScriptJunkie

    Welcome to the new Forums!

    I know it has been a while and we promised them for a while but they are finally here! We will be updating and adding rules in the near future so please keep checking back to the accouterments for them. To be able to login you must go to the lobby and use /register and sign up using your in...