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  1. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    SKyR Update: player Peacefrog11

    Growing some mushrooms and hoping to have a mending villager soon!
  2. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Ty for helping getting my realm up Script. This is a dbl spider spawner xp farm I made from a tutorial.

    It's a little slow, but decent for getting xp, slightly better than a skellie spawner. This area was near spawn and killed a lot of players on day 1 of the world -that wandered into this cave.
  3. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Getting frogs to make froglights... failing

    I'm trying to get this frog to eat baby m cubes in skyR. So far, I don't think it's working, am I doing something wrong? I was excited I could turn a pig spawner into a cube spawner, though.
  4. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    beem editing my skin :D

    I like it but the head isnt perfect yet
  5. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    My walled-in base in Vanilla

    vanilla build -230/-280
  6. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    The Tab screen never looked so nice!

    I just noticed that the tab screen looks really nice. I know it was changed recently but I just started running Starlight client-side mod with Sodium, and it just gives things a nice hue that I like. But I do really like this iteration of the tab screen, it's very easy to read.
  7. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    How can I have a store in Vanilla that wouldn’t get looted while I’m offline?

    Wondering how I could make a store for items like TNT, Iron, enchanted books/armor but not sure if stores work in.vanilla (like the trade signs). I’d like to set up something for players that can’t spend as much fine as I can on Vanilla lol, I have wool farms, iron, and gun powder and mud blocks...
  8. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    7 Months in TCR!

    Just some backstory, when me and Sb737andGrianfan joined TCR, we didnt know about ./warp shop, or any other tp commands, and went pure vanilla survival. After dying many times and making some hidey holes, we found this hill that was unclaimed and made a house in the acacia tree that was on it...
  9. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Virtual Tour of my Vanilla village

    Will post some images here of my progress in a plains village near snowy peaks. I have been making a lot of librarian villagers so if you want any books I will sell for 1 diamond each. Books I still need are Looting III/Prot IV if you want to trade books.
  10. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Was server access restricted on latest Minecraft update for bedrock? (Switch)

    We have an older Switch and I used to be able to connect to Towncraft on it but now I can only go to Nintendo’s “featured servers”. I just accepted an update so am guessing they patched out a really cool bonus feature for Switch owners. Thankfully we still have two PCs and two Java accounts.
  11. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Hi internet stranger here’s some useful info about me lol

    Welcome to my introduction. I attended 5 years of college but never graduated. I at times suffer from anxiety and other PTSD symptoms. I gave up alcohol and am a cook by trade. This is a parent account for another player on Towncraft. I find playing MC aids in my anxiety. I am a single parent...
  12. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Should being an emotional mess in chat be grounds for a mute or ban?

    So, as someone trained in social science, I always pay attention to patterns of social behavior. I have noticed a pattern of player that I will call ‘emotionally needy’, someone that joins the server to find playmates but is excessive in their need for acceptance- to the point of being slightly...
  13. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    My Vanilla base, farms I'm working on, etc.

    Here is part of the village base I share w/ mad_chipmunk, and a underground storage area. This is on Towncraft Vanilla 1.18 world
  14. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Looking for a link to the info on setting up a store in TCR

    So I have seen the command list a few times but never can find it when I want to see them again, could you post a link in guides/server economy/info?
  15. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    Cat-powered Creeper Farm with 2 levels complete

    My own design, uses cats and powdered snow, makes about 5+ stacks of gun powder an hour, havent done an accurate test of rates yet though, but almost 1 stack in one MC night. Accepting trades for gun powder in Vanilla ^^
  16. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    I wondered why noone posted build pics on the discord really, now i know we can post them here.

    Here is my Big Boo. Im going to keep working on it and add some light grey blocks around the perimeter of the white wool for shading. This makes me want to build whole S Mario levels/screens now.
  17. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    world corruption on tcr?

    Found this today. Noone dug that right? Chip found the same thing in the End in RPG (-9800/3400)
  18. TheRhinestoneCowboy

    The data pack in Vanilla and TCR that puts horses inside saddles?

    What is it? I can’t find it on the web. I have a problem that 2 of my horses in Vanilla are at half health and I can’t “park” them in the world to feed/heal them. I think a splash potion would work if there’s no other way.